Sunday, January 31, 2010

TouchSearch 2.1-2 Now Available !

Posted on 8:22 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

TouchSearch has got a major upgrade for those using 1.3-2. Many things were changed, most notably the look and feel of the widget. Gone is the (admittedly, ugly!) black box background and in is a very sleek semi-transparent background that is more consistent with the look of the built-in desktop widgets :

Also new in this version is the Configure Search Engines interface. This is available from the Widget Options and allows you to create, edit, delete and sort your search engines. Beware though, that the Add Search Engine option is still a bit untested and you may run into a few hiccups while trying to add search engines.

Here is the full changelog for those wondering :

- User can now Add, Edit, Delete and Sort search engines
-  Widget now features a background with rounded corners and user-selectable opacity
- New integrated help system
- Added WebMD to search engines list
- Numerous bug-fixes and optimizations.

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