Friday, July 16, 2010

FlexiSPY : Very First Spy Application For Maemo 5 !

Posted on 10:45 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

So far there hasn’t been any spy phone vendors willing to allocate the resources needed to create Maemo spy phone software due to the small number of handsets in the marketplace.

FlexiSPY is able to secretly capture SMS, Call Records, Instant Messages, GPS Locations, listen to surroundings and intercept live phone calls.

-  GPS Tracking: This will enable you to secretly track the N900.
- Text Message Logging: Using Maemo spy software, you will be able to view incoming and outgoing text messages sent/received from the N900.
- View Call History: Find out who the person you are spying on is calling. Call duration and number information provided.
- Remote Monitoring: This Maemo spy feature will enable you to secretly listen in on the immediate surroundings of the Nokia N900.
- Live Call Interception : This Nokia N900 spy phone feature is most requested, but also the only one that is less likely to be available when Maemo spy software is released. Using ‘live call interception’ you will be able to secretly listen in on live phone calls placed using the N900.
- Remote Picture Video Grab: This Maemo spy feature enables you to remotely grab pictures and videos stored on the N900, so you can see what “secret” photos are on the phone.

if you two want a copy read this !

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