Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[MeeGo Harmattan] N9Tweak : user friendly app for some hacks available on N9 !

Posted on 8:20 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

N9Tweak is a litte user friendly app for some hacks available on N9 !

Example of date and time format tweaking ;)

Install it through the browser and make sure you have "allow other sources" set in settings and developer-mode activated.

Current features:

* Add adhoc at start up
* Boost the playback volume
* Change the statusbar clock
* Tweaks the clock, date and bounce of the lock-screen
* Activate/Deactivate landscape support
* Tweak screen rotation sensitivity
* Change GPS provider
* Change behaviour of PowerKey
* Enable/Disable auto-brightness setting
* Add local key to N950 fn+arrow hw-keys
* Edit the options in display settings
* Swap screen sleep mode on or off
* Add/Remove extra repositories
* Enable ssh to root user
* Enlarge virtual keyboard
* Enable/Disable Skype on N950



* Improved landscape a bit
* Q for quit app
* Added XL vkb
* Colored GUI
* Screen rotation sensitivity
* A couple of bug fixes


* Added rezisable virtual keyboard
* Added root ssh enabler
* Added zsh installer (hidden)
* Fixed 12h/24h issue for status clock
* A bunch of small fixes


* Change GPS provider
* Change PowerKey behaviour
* Added PreDriv to startup
* Added Screenlapse (hidden)


* A bunch of bug fixes


* A bunch of bug fixes


* Added bounce to lock-screen
* Added volume boost
* Added startup adhoc
* Added german hw-keys
* possibilty to revert hw-keys
* added /usr/bin/n9tweak
* A bunch of bug fixes


* Made a deb for easy install
* Made a desktop launch icon
* Added ability to reset all options


* initial release

You can follow updates here or here ;)

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