Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[How To] Add Custom Levels For Angrybirds !

Posted on 9:20 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

A few weeks have pasted since our friends over at Rovio release the awesome Angrybirds game for the N900 over at the ovi store :

The game is already being downloaded 6 times more than the original sales of the same game on the iPhone.

Most of you may also know that there was an issue with the release of the level pack on Ovi store, which allowed users to directly download the Level pack from their N900’s without having to pay.

Rovio promtly removed the pack, and now most people are left waiting to part with their £3 pounds so that they may enjoy more awesome levels for this graphically beautiful game.

Fear not my little friends because a few of us over at have started a thread for a Level editor.

Another great thing is that @Miika over at is also an employee of Rovio and has been good enough to get us clearance to create our own levels and begin work on a level editor, head over and see how things are getting on.

Here are the instructions of how you can go ahead and install these levels:
First you need to download the attached file : HERE

You can either use WinRAR to extra the file on your PC or Type the following in your N900 terminal if you download it directly to your device:
tar xfz /home/user/MyDocs/cag_level_pack.tar.gz
This will extra a mypack folder. Copy this folder to the internal memory of the N900 if you unpacked in windows.

Then open X-Terminal (you will need rootsh) on the N900 an type in the following :
mkdir /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack2
cp /home/user/MyDocs/mypack/* -R /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack2

More to read !

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joni Says....

how to using xterminal?
i try type: "root" it said not found.. please more advice.. thank u

SlipKoRnSaad Says....

I'll post a detailed "how to" for using xterm and installing .deb files ;) stay tuned and thanks for the the follow !

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