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N900 Shortcuts And Gestures !

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As i mentioned in my 1rst part of the N900's Review, there're many (sometimes hidden) shortcuts and gestures that can be accessed on the N900, here's a more complete list of them :

General Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut   ↓Description   ↓
Ctrl + CCopy text
Ctrl + VPaste text
Ctrl + XCut text
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + OOpen
Ctrl + NNew item
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + FFind/Search Bar
Ctrl + Right arrowMove the insertion point to the end of the word
Ctrl + Left arrowMove the insertion point to the beginning of the word
Fn + CtrlSymbols and characters. Symbols on the third row are entered by pressing the symbol followed by the 'Space' key
Ctrl + BackspaceTask Manager
Ctrl + Shift + PTakes a screenshot. The PNG image file is saved in /home/user/MyDocs/.images/Screenshots/ with a timestamp in the filename.
Ctrl + Shift + XStarts Xterm
Ctrl + SpaceSwitch between Input languages (Dual Dictionaries)
Double-Press Power ButtonLocks device
Double-Press ShiftCaps lock on
Double-Press FnLocks Fn
A-ZStart typing the name of a person to start Contacts App (Desktop Only)
Fn + Type any number to start Phone App (Desktop Only)
Shift + Arrow KeysSelect Text
Volume KeysZoom In/Out or Volume Level, depending on App


  • Tap and hold on a text message: You get the option to call the person
  • Swipe-from-left (as in browser) allows selecting and copying of message text

General Gestures

  • Long press on Task Switch icon: Brings you back to desktop
  • When getting a incoming call, turn over the device so the screen faces down towards the table surface = Silence an incoming call
  • When alarm rings, turn over the device so the screen faces down towards the table surface = Snooze the alarm
  • Phone App drop down menu, "Turning Control" allows you to set orientation, but also set it to launch the phone app when you turn the device to portrait. Seems to only work from the desktop.
  • Using the stylus, double tap for a word or triple tap for all words
  • In a sub-view of an application (e.g. Email -> Account -> Inbox) tapping and holding the Back arrow button (in the upper right corner of the screen) switches to the main view of that application [1]

Xterm Shortcuts

  • Copy & Paste: Press the Selection toggle button (Arrow to left of Ctrl on the keybar), highlight the text with stylus or finger, tap Xterm menu bar, select 'Copy'. To paste text, tap menu bar and select 'Paste'.
  • The Xterm keybar can be edited to add more symbols. More info: Keybar for Xterm
Keyboard Shortcut   ↓Description   ↓
Ctrl + IAutocomplete Filename (pressing tab does this too)
Ctrl + AMove cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl + EMove cursor to end of line
Ctrl + LClear screen
Ctrl + WDelete the last word
Ctrl + KDelete everything after cursor
Ctrl + UDelete everything before cursor
Volume KeysChange font size

Web Browser Shortcuts

  • Full-Screen mode: Enter a URL directly by typing on the keyboard
Keyboard Shortcut   ↓Description   ↓
Ctrl + NOpen a new window
Ctrl + RReload the current page
Ctrl + BOpen a bookmark
Ctrl + DAdd a bookmark
Ctrl + Right ArrowMove cursor to next text-input box. Cursor must be in an input box to begin with
Ctrl + Left ArrowMove cursor to previous text-input box. Cursor must be in an input box to begin with
Ctrl + Shift + IReset zoom to normal or Turn on page reflow for any zoom level
Ctrl + Shift + OTurns on/off Portrait mode (Requires keyboard closed to work) **Incomplete Feature**
Shift + BackspaceForward
SpacePage Down
Shift + SpacePage Up
ArrowsMove around page

Web Browser Gestures

Gesture   ↓Description   ↓
Double tap text/imageZoom in
Double tap text/image (when already zoomed in)Zoom out
Clockwise circular inward motionZoom in
Counter-clockwise circular outward motionZoom out
Swipe finger from the right of the screen (outside of screen), towards left (into the screen)Browser history
Swipe finger from the left of the screen (outside of screen), towards right (into the screen)Hover mode. An arrow is displayed on the left. Clicking the arrow creates a pointer that can be used as a mouse to select text. Deactivate by clicking the arrow on the left. A quick hover can also be performed by swiping-and-holding finger on screen. This keeps the pointer visible until the finger is lifted. Also, pressing space performs a button click while on "quick hover". This can be handy if you just need to access a mouse-hover menu or such.

E-Mail Client

Currently there is no text selection support in view mode: Bug 7301
The workaround is to Relpy or Forward the email, then in edit mode, use Arrow keys to move around, Shift to select text and Ctrl+C to copy.
Keyboard Shortcut   ↓Description   ↓
Ctrl + EnterSend a message
Ctrl + RReply to a message

RSS Reader

Keyboard Shortcut   ↓Description   ↓
Ctrl + RRefresh the feed

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