Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nokia’s N9 (N950) meeGo smartphone hits the FCC !?

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Leaked pictures of Nokia’s N9 meeGo-powered smartphone have been floating around the Internets for over a year, but today it looks like the device may be a bit closer to being a reality. The N9, also known as the RM-680, won FCC approval today, signaling that Nokia is planning to release the device in the near future.

FCC documents reveal that the N9 will feature broad GSM and WCDMA support, including support for GSM bands 850, 1900, 1800 and 1900, and WCDMA bands I, II, IV, V and VIII. That makes the device a good fit for either T-Mobile or AT&T in the United States. FCC test reports also confirm WiFi and Bluetooth support.

Unfortunately, external and internal FCC photos of the N9 will remain confidential until June. We do get a look at the N9’s underside, however, thanks to the label pic, above. Those of you that have already seen Engadget’s leaked pics of the N9 will recognize the distinctive shape of the N9’s underside as shown in the label pic.

Nokia hasn’t announced its plans for releasing the N9, nor do we have any pricing info. However, the FCC confidentiality of the N9 expires on June 24, 2011, suggesting that we may see the device before then. Fingers crossed !

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