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[How To] Overclock your N900's Via The X Terminal?

Posted on 9:04 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

Many of you have some issues with overclocking their N900 with flasher and its "Suitable USB Device not found" etc,

What about "flashing" the kernel through the X term? Yes you heard it right, all done from your N900, no need to your computer...There is a flasher on the device itself. It is called fiasco flasher, and takes the same parameters (fiasco-flasher -f -k zImage) ;)

Ok, let's do it in 3 steps !

1- Download one of the kernels below






2- Place it on root of the mass memory, otherwise known as MyDocs.

3- Run X Term and become root, then type fiasco-image-update /home/user/MyDocs/zImagexxxmhz.fiasco and validate by hinting enter key.

* Replace the xxx with correct mhz number, e.g. if your flashing the 800mhz you need to type fiasco-image-update /home/user/MyDocs/zImage800mhz.fiasco

4- Done in less than 5sec, reboot.

Update : You can install "regular" Kernels (not the fiasco ones) with X-terminal by following :

0. Launch xterminal app then type sudo gainroot (need rootsh installed)

1. type

softupd -vv -s --local

(thats double v)

2. open new terminal

3. type

flasher --local -f -k kernel_zimage_file_with_path

4. you see the flashing (takes some time)

5. type "sync" to save changes

6. type "reboot" and enter to restart

If you want to return to the stock kernel then open X Terminal and become root, then use the following command apt-get --reinstall install kernel kernel-flasher and reboot.

Remember, if the "about page" say  unknown for the hardware and software, you'll just need to do some additional steps to bring it back so that you can still normally use automatic firmware updates in the future:

a) launch X Terminal
b) type sudo gainroot (you need the rootsh package installed)
c) type apt-get install --reinstall mp-fremantle-generic-pr
d) if asked for confirmation press Y and Enter
e) when done reboot the N900

That wasn't the case for me ;)

Ps : If it says package mp-fremantle-generic-p is not available try to make sure your unit isn't the 'generic' one. Indeed, in such case using 002 or 003 package instead of the generic one is needed (step c):

apt-get install –reinstall mp-fremantle-003-pr

- 003 is for Africa/Middle East
- 002 for USA.

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my phone now is dead for your overclock.......its not working....

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