Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pymp : youtube to mp3 converter and video downloader !

Posted on 10:43 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Pymp allows you to enter urls from youtube and other video hosting sites (google, yahoo...) and then dowlaod
the videos from there and convert them to mp3 if desired.

based on the script youtube-dl which is a downloader for videos from certain sites (, google video, yahoo video ...). Therefor it is not specialized on one. This program only relies on the availability of the video host. Which is much better than that of the conversion sites which also dont really function with mobile browsers.

For N900 cutting and normalizing the audio is only available if normalize and sox would be available.

Pymp needs python (pyqt), mplayer and lame installed.

Pymp is more intended for desktop computers but can also run on the N900. But it is recommend to keep the number of simultaneous downloads and conversions low.


- Video download (many simultaneous)
- mp3 conversion (many simultaneous)
- Loading/saving of download lists
- Starting mplayer to play the just downloaded files
- Update youtube-dl as some webpage sometimes change their style and youtube-dl needs to adjust to it.

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