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About Meego and the Nokia N9...Eldar about to strike again !

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Maybe some of you have already read this post wich list some keyfeatures of the upcoming Nokia flagship, the Nokia N9 (Dali as codename) running on the Meego platform :

Hey, don't believe all what you see ;)

- Thickness 0.5 - 1 cm thinner than the N900 (with a hardware keyboard or...?)
- Meego-operating system
- ARM Cortex-A8 SoC (Same as iPhone 4 processor, hmm)
-64 GB internal memory
-4 Inch screen
-Capacitive touch screen with multi-touch (like the iPhone)
-12 MP camera - Dual LED  (Not a Xenon one?)
- 720p Recording

Well, another post transcript a Q&A with Nokia’s EVP, MeeGo Computers: Alberto Torres wich can be summarized as :

- MeeGo phone being announced this year
- MeeGo phone will push the boudaries of processing power
- MeeGo phone will be a very high end product
- MeeGo is an opportunity to create something well beyond what others are doing
- MeeGo phone is step 5 of 5 and intended for mass market
- MeeGo phone will be something everyone wants to own
- MeeGo phone will try to satisfy all needs into one plate
- MeeGo phone will be capacitive, more stylish and more beautiful with simpler UI that average users will find as equally compelling as tech leaders.
- MeeGo has potential to be something deeper than typical smartphone
- Maemo apps not directly backwards compatible with MeeGo
- Nokia N8 will be Nokia’s flagship in a few months
- All future flagships will be built on MeeGo
- MeeGo phone will be on Nseries (not rumoured Sseries)
- MeeGo will have higher experience level than Symbian
- Symbian^3 and MeeGo will have certain minimum base level specification to ensure apps created on one device works in another.
- N8 is first step in reclaiming momentum at high end.
- MeeGo is the next step.

Ok, this confirm this as we can read in the 7th page :

Nokia plans to launch a MeeGo-based device in 2010. For this device, Nokia is creating an iconic user experience with integrated Ovi services. It will have a multitasking-centric design with multi-touch interaction,
such as pinching. Furthermore, Nokia plans to scale MeeGo to higher volumes.

And the great news ! Eldar is preparing a preview about Meego and the N9-00 ! I know, not a very good idea as Meego is in very very early development stage, it's a MeeGo project release and when i read such comment :

meego is not mature os - you see N900, so you know what will w8 from meego, they imagine that this product is ready for market. They do not count other companies as competitors

I wonder why, how, and if it's a fair comment !? :) Reply after the break :

 Finally. I wouldnt be insist that MeeGo is bad. Is great for geeks. For people who like N900 today. But for regular users is nothing. No idea behind this story. No UI which will be outstanding. No design which will be overwhelming. At least on average level. Of course, someone could said that MeeGo have some unique features like Qt. Yes, yes and again yes. But how Qt connected with end customer experience? Someone in Nokia miss the point. Qt is great for developers. But for customers you need to produce cool UI, a lot of apps etc. Do you know a lot of apps for N900? Could you compare it with Bada from Samsung which just started on market. I will answer that Bada even today have 5 times more apps than N900. Android much more.

So mobile computer without software? LOL.

I could go on. But my point is really simple. MeeGo is not mature due to lack of normal, regular things

- ecosystem (it will be build in future, but now doesnt exists)
- a range of products (1 this yesr, 2-3 next)
- cool UI which will astonished us - average

In summary, prepare yourself to see some pics next week in the sphere !

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