Saturday, August 21, 2010

SMScon : Control your device with SMS !

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Smscon is a n900 complete control utility by sending sms messages to it. This is handy in case you can't find your phone (it's lost or stolen).

Smscon is a two part Python script running in CLI; smscon & smscon_daemon. Smscon is the CLI control part and smscon_daemon is the "running in the background" part.

Smscon can:

  • autoload at boot;
    when device reboots it loads smscon_daemon in the background.
  • creates a log file (on the device)
  • detect SIM card change and sends new phonenumber and IMSI code (return SMS) to other known mobile number;
    if somebody has stolen your phone and put his/hers own SIM card in it.
  • send current GPS location coordinates (return SMS).
  • reboot the phone;
    only works if your SIM hasn't a lock code.
  • shutdown the phone.
  • open a reverse ssh connection to your own server (WLAN/GPRS connection);
    control the device at CLI level from you own home.
  • ftp a frontcam picture to your own server (WLAN/GPRS connection);
    to see where your phone is or who is using it.
  • send the current remaining battery charge (return SMS).
Future ideas:
- record audio (with phone mic) and ftp the file to your own server (WLAN/GPRS connection).

Smscon is triggered by an SMS message with a predefined known command and then will execute the task in the background.

If so it will send a reply SMS with the information.

More info over here !

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