Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PR1.3 : user-noticeable changes !

Posted on 11:06 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Our friends over have managed to get an unofficial user-based impressions about the recently leaked upcoming N900 firmware, In addition to the 100+ bug fixes, some UI elements have been updated, as well as an apparently new driver to interact with the PowerVR SGX530 GPU, here are some of the user-noticeable changes that should come with PR1.3 :

- MicroB (browser), Modest (e-mail) and hildon-desktop (desktop UI) have been updated and will provide a much faster experience, less glitching and reduced process pegging.

- Universal Contact Search has improved response time for displaying results.

- Audio playback no longer causes abnormal high processor usage, and pause/resume playback after a call is much more predictable and works as it should. In addition, the mediaplayer widget ‘play’ button now works.

- Portrait mode transition is faster for all applications that support rotation. Feels “constant” and much more deliberate.

- Accounts being forced to error-offline during new network connection has been fixed.

- Several fixes to Mail for Exchange. Unknown if Google syncing has been addressed.

- You can now enter a lowercase letter at the beginning of a sentence.

- Camera and image browsing has less “chop” and stuttering. Feels much more fluid.

- Delay added to screen unlocking during alarm or phone call. Reduces unwanted input.

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