Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[Did You Know?] N9 FAQ N°3 !

Posted on 1:54 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

To continue our N9 FAQ series here's some additional informations about the beast via sapiensbryan ;)

- “Import Contact” feature is compatible with Nokia, Android & Apple iOS devices and contacts can be imported easily via Bluetooth.

- Nokia Maps are separated into 2 parts :

1. Maps is optimized for walk & normal map navigation.

2. Drive is optimized for turn-by-turn in-car drive navigation.

--> Therefore, Maps is displaying in portrait mode while Drive will only be in landscape mode.

- When you click an embedded flash video on a website, a video player will pop up to play the video as recent Android and iOS devices.

- According to Nokia Malaysia, web browser in Nokia N9 will not support Flash in the future and it’s built for wide HTML5 support, which offers access to rich web application and fast video playback.

- Developer Mode is available in Settings of Nokia N9, which enables some advanced feature such as X-Terminal, etc.

Stay in touch, a lot of informations and hints to come !

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