Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Did You Know?] N9 FAQ N°1 ! Flash is supported in fennec...

Posted on 8:34 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Konttori (the Coach for Harmattan Applications Framework) has responded to some queries, enjoy !

"N9 has exchange support. We use it internally a lot, so it's in stellar shape. "

"Qt is easy to develop on. You use QML to do the UIs, which is like turbocharged HTML. Then the additional logic you either code in c++ or python. Really easy. SDK has a one click packaging tool. Development easyness is definitely in the same ballpark as android. "

"Qt will live on at nokia also in other areas than just Symbian. I think officially the next billion strategy is the one we refer to. More details come later. And I won't go into those. "

"DLNA stack is there on the device by default, but not in use. We didn't have the time to make sure it works just perfectly, so we'll either roll the UIs out later or 3rd parties can enable it very easily. N9 doesn't have HDMI. "

"Package management is still debian based in N9."

"Flash is supported in fennec, but not in the default browser. We wanted to keep a clear differentiation between "desktop" -alike browsing and mobile browsing. Default browser focuses entirely in one handed use and relaxed browsing, where as fennec just does it all and acts like a desktop browser (tabs and all)"

"Landscape home is not available as default. You will need to install a theme that pretty much just inherits the default theme and overrides one property. I'm sure that will be available on sales start."

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