Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Did You Know?] N9 FAQ N°4 !

Posted on 6:35 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

To continue our N9 FAQ series here's some additional informations about the beast from variant (reliable) sources ;)

- As the latest Anna update for symbian, N9/N950 support Meeting Requests ! Just create a meeting appointment, add people from your contacts list and hit "send"

- You can set schedules for email download. This allows to e.g. keep the phone silent in the night. (You can do this for MfE accounts on N900)

- Headphoned's "pause playback on headphone removal" is integrated

- There is a setting to activate a swipe down gesture that will close the app directly. You start the swipe from the top of the display, move your finger down till the end (or so) and you see the window following your finger down, disappearing through the bottom of the display and being effectively closed, in short : You can  close an app directly without these being added to the multitasking-view

- Nokia "solved" repair/restore "isssue" as on N900 (only solvable with flash or a more userfriendly way)

--> Now on Settings -> Reset, we have :

* Restore settings
* Clear device

This should solve the worst cases of the average users. If someone is digging further and gets in trouble, flashing is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

- Multitouch in browser is actually supported: and multiple drag and drop in theory !

Stay in touch, a lot of informations and hints to come !

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