Friday, August 19, 2011

[MeeGo Harmattan] Application preview : MeeCast : The new OMWeather !

Posted on 8:22 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

It’s OMWeather but this time it’s not just a tweak of good ol’ weather widget – it’s a completely redesigned application so we had to choose some more “marketable” name for this OMWeather successor. Let me introduce you: MeeCast.

1. Branding

MeeCast absorbed all key features that you’ve loved in OMWeather like extreme customization, detailed settings, icon sets, GPS tracking and more. But now it has evolved from just a weather widget on your home screen to full featured open source cross-platform solution for developing weather related applications all thanks to Qt and QML. According to Andrew Zhilin : Right now the focus on delivering MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan application as fast as possible but we’re also cooking something really extraordinary for you and I hope we’ll soon be able to show it to the world. But that will happen later this year, right now let me give you a sneak peek on what’s coming up for Nokia N9 (and of course for N950 ninjas too :P)

2. Concept

Since Harmattan got rid of home screen widgets of all sorts ( or is it? ) it has been decided to mimic the “instant access” experience of the widget in our stand-alone application. So we have an app that will load as fast as possible and show all necessary info without carpet bombing your eyes with fancy special effects that QML allows us to do. So here’s the home screen :

There’s nothing much to describe, everything looks pretty intuitive. Your location along with basic but most valuable data right in front of you. Day temperatures are color coded along with the background to give you instant “feel” of the outside conditions. Not so representative with boring Moscow weather but still :)

The “Day details” view shows you all the info available at the moment for chosen day. It has been decided to use text labels instead of icons for maximum readability in all languages (and we have 8 different locales. If you wish to help with adding your native language – feel free to email at vlad[at] Also day and night parameters are now divided in two tabs for additional comfort.

All for now, but stay tuned, there’s still landscape mode and testing package waiting to be revealed :)

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