Sunday, October 2, 2011

WiFi SMS : Answer and Send SMS From your Computer !

Posted on 2:00 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

WiFi SMS forwards your sms to your computer over wifi or usb-networking so you can answer them with your usual keyboard at home.

It consists of two parts :

- The client application on the N900 which connects to WiFi SMS on the computer

- The server application which will actually run on Windows with .NET 4 installed. (Usually this should be no problem)

The application features are:

- Sending and receiving SMS to and from the computer
- Transfering your phonebook from the phone to the application on the computer where you can choose the people you would like to write to.
 - Sending one sms to multiple recipients (Just hold down ctrl and choose contacts)
 - See who has written you an sms (it shows the full name from your phonebook)
 - Supports every TCP/IP-based connection ways.
 - You can start an accesspoint and connect your device to it or use MAD Developer to get a network over usb.
- Client works in portrait and landscape mode! (Although portrait might be useless because of debugtext wrapping)

Ps : i think this is more reliable than ovi suite (with bluetooth) which often don't recognize the N900...

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Jason BIG DADDY Creation Says....

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And, there's no Registration needed. It's as easy as 1,2,3.


Hitendra Solanki Says....

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