Friday, October 28, 2011

Maemo PR 1.3.1 Security Update Coming Soon !

Posted on 2:37 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Recently, Nokia has been in touch with some CSSU devs and the council about
a Fremantle software update.  As the version number implies, this is a
simple fix for the DigiNotar issue and a fixed security control panel

The update should be released in a few days.  Non-CSSU users can update
immediately.  If you ever want to install CSSU, the installer will work fine
on PR1.3.1.

Nokia has also agreed that the patches may be redistributed by the community
and can be used in CSSU and Cordia.

CSSU users should not try to update their devices (the update will not show
up in Application Manager.  The patches will be pulled into the CSSU right
after they are released for PR 1.3 so the CSSU can be right back on track.
As of version 16.8, the CSSU will include these security fixes.
Again, please do not try the PR 1.3.1 update if you're using the CSSU (using
apt-get or similar methods).*
Via : 

It's live now !

Will install it later on ;)

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