Sunday, January 31, 2010

Firefox for Maemo v.1.0 RC3 released !

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Firefox for Maemo has got another update, check out what’s new :

Improvements to Performance and Productivity
For our third release candidate of Firefox for Maemo, we put a lot of emphasis on improving overall performance: Web pages load significantly faster than RC2. Panning is more responsive and zooming in on Web pages is much faster. The Awesome Bar will now pop up much faster when you tap on it.
Plugins Disabled to Improve User Experience
Support for plugins has been disabled. On most Web pages that use the Adobe Flash plugin, the performance of the plugin didn't meet our standards, and the interactivity and performance of the entire Web page was negatively impacted, especially on pages with multiple instances of the plugin. Advanced users can enable plugins for experimentation and testing purposes only. We are working on ways for the user to have control of which sites to enable plugins for, as some sites, like YouTube, do work quite well. That capability will most likely be packaged as a browser add-on.
Firefox is currently supported on Nokia’s Maemo platform, available for download on the Nokia N900. Initially available in more than 30 languages, download and learn more by visiting
You'll see many of your favorite features for the desktop Firefox, now optimized for an exceptional mobile experience:
Easy Navigation to Web Content
  • Awesome Bar: The Smart Location Bar, or "Awesome Bar" is even more awesome on a mobile device. The Awesome Bar gets you to your Web destination with minimal typing, by intelligently searching the names, URLs and tags of the sites you visit, and takes into account how often and recently you visit them. With Weave Sync, the Awesome Bar will also search the Web history from Firefox on your PC
  • Easy access to many search engines: Type your search term right in the Awesome Bar to search Google. Or send your search to another search engine (Wikipedia,, Twitter) with one touch. Customize with the search engines of your choice.
Touch Interface Optimization
  • Touch-enabled UI: Greatly improved panning and scrolling performance bug 539062
  • View without obstructions: The browser controls and Awesome Bar get stowed away when you reach                  your website so you can use the whole screen to view the site. Start to pan up or to the sides and your controls and Awesome Bar reappear
  • Quick zoom: Double tap on the screen to zoom in, double tap to zoom back out
  • One-touch bookmarking: Bookmark a Web site in one touch, along with the ability to tag it with a memorable term
  • Tabbed browsing: Thumbnails of your open tabs easily identify your open pages.
  • Modified Content Sink preference has significantly decreased page load time bug 538655
  • Use of a new, less animated page load throbber decreased page load time by another 10-15% bug 539495
  • Double-tap to zoom is much faster bug 537660
  • Greatly improved panning and scrolling performance bug 539062
Seamless Synchronization
  • Weave Sync: Create a Weave Sync account on your desktop and install the Weave Sync add-on on your mobile to synchronize your Firefox tabs, passwords, history and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile
  • Less typing: Access Firefox for mobile’s Awesome Bar and visit any site you’ve ever been to, regardless of which computer you visited it on, with just a couple keystrokes
  • Don't start from scratch: Weave Sync brings along your saved passwords from your desktop, removing barriers to your favorite sites
  • Get up and go: Take your Firefox with you wherever you go. Surf the Web on your PC, get up and go,                  and have everything waiting for you on your phone -- even your open tabs.
A Personalized Experience
  • Add-ons: Firefox is the first mobile Web browser to support add-ons. You can view recommended add-ons in the Add-ons Manager and install them directly from your mobile device
  • Location-Aware Browsing: Be a local wherever you are. Get maps and info relevant to your location. Its all optional– Firefox doesn’t share your location without your permission– and is done with the utmost respect for your privacy.
Private and Secure
  • Instant Web site ID ("Larry"): Tap on a site favicon for an instant identity overview
  • Password manager: Typing passwords on your phone is hard, so why do it more than you have to? Choose to remember site passwords and forget ever having to endure long and difficult typing
  • Popup blocker: Banish pop-ups from your surfing experience once and for all
  • Clear private data: As an extra security measure, you can clear all your private data via your Preferences
  • Customized security settings: Customize settings for passwords, cookies, loading images and installing add-ons for a fully empowered mobile browsing experience
  • Automated Update: Install upgrades directly to your device when you receive an automatic notification, or wait until you’re ready.
  • The Awesome Bar will now pop up much faster when you tap on it bug 536368
  • Preferences pane: Go to your Preferences in one touch. From here, manage your plugins and security settings, as well as access your Downloads Manager and Add-ons Manager
  • Download manager: Download files seamlessly and securely. The manager shows your download progress and lets you search your files by name or the Web address where the download came from
  • Spell checker: Catch typos and misspellings in form fields.

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