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[MeeGo Harmattan] QZeeControl : Control your N9 remotely with Zeemote !

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QZeeControl lets you control your N9/N950 with a Zeemote(TM) Bluetooth remote control. and is completly written from scratch in Qt/QML

In order to use your Zeemote(TM) with your smartphone you have to follow three steps.

- First, you need to pair your Zeemote(TM) with your phone. In order to do this activate bluetooth via the settings menu and turn your Zeemote(TM) on by long-pressing the button at the top of your Zeemote(TM) that is marked red. Next go to the "Bluetooth devices" sub setting menu. There you should find an entry named "Zeemote(TM) JS1" select it and select to pair it. The code for pairing is 0000. At this stage the remote control is paired but not connected.

- Once you have paired your remote control with your smartphone you need to discover it using QZeeControl. To do this start up QZeeControl and press the "Scan" button. Note that this may take a while. If the scan was successfull you should see some address in xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx format be filled in the field that prior showed just a message and the "Connect" button should have become enabled. Note that these values will be stored and loaded once you open QZeeControl the next time so you usually should not need to scan again except you want to use a different remote control.

- Finally, in order to start controlling your smartphone you need to actually connect your remote control to the phone. To do so just press the "Connect" button. After a short moment you should see that the connection has been established. At this stage you can test if the remote control actually works by using the built-in test functionality. Try to move your joystick and press some buttons. You should see the red rectangle moving and the letters representing the buttons light-up in red respectively.

 From there on you can use your Zeemote(TM) remote control to control your phone. Next time you want to use it just enable bluetooth at your phone, enable the Zeemote(TM) remote control, and finally start QZeeControl and connect to the remote control.

Download it !

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