Saturday, February 27, 2010

Prismic Wallpaper Manager !

Posted on 10:32 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Prismic Wallpaper Manager hooks directly into, so you stay up to date with the newest and hottest backgrounds for your n900 - without exception.

Get the newest, highest rated, most downloaded wallpapers at the touch of a button, or browse hundreds of wallpapers in over a dozen categories to find 'the right look' for your N900.

Prismic WM keeps track of your saved wallpapers in one easy location so you can rapidly change your desktops to fit the mood or occassion. Sort by Name, Date, or even Favourites for finding them at a glance.

Already got plenty of wallpapers? The import tool quickly imports any existing wallpapers or photos into Prismic WM for easy management, whether it's a simple JPG or PNG, or even a Maemo .Desktop file.

Simple, yet sophisticated apply-to-desktop features allow you to apply your wallpapers to individual desktops, or all four, with the touch of just one button.

Looking for something to fit your mood? A universal search mode lets you easily narrow your search, or find that something unique.

Save time by creating and browsing custom wallpaper collections here on, and then synchronize them directly to your N900 simply by entering the collection's keycode.

Things you should know before you buy Prismic Wallpaper Manager!

• For easy installation, you will need the latest Maemo5 Firmware update (at least v3.2010.02.8)

• A small fraction of people have had some issues with some dependencies. Run "apt-get install [library-name]" for each missing dependency to solve this problem!

• It costs $3.75 !

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