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[Briefs] Nokia N9 has the best antenna ever !

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3 have now had the opportunity to test Nokia's new smartphone N9 on 3's network and the results have been nothing less than impressive, 3 said !

Nokia N9's transmit and receive characteristics should result in 3 being quite superior compared to all other phones 3 has been tested, and that means among other things, a significantly better network experience on the edge of network areas and in areas with poor signal conditions !

  The expert Christian Nielsen is probably so very impressed by the efficiency of the transmission and reception power of the Nokia N9, that it will be used henceforth as a reference unit in terms of reception quality at the 3 mobile service provider !

"When I run into what we call the network area's outskirts, there is still full 3G coverage on Nokia N9. Some other phones switches already here to a 2G network (EDGE). When I run on into a small forest on route, with the Nokia N9 still stand with full 3G coverage. All other phones I've tested, jump here on the 2G network, but even in the midst of the forest, Nokia N9 full 3G. I get so about 6 Mbit / s speed Nokia N9 in this area and it's crazy! ", says Christian Nielsen.

 He continues: "If I'm in the middle of the forest put the phone down on the floor of the car lost one of the 3G signal bars, and only by holding his hand over the phone for several minutes while it is at the bottom of the car, can I get it off the 3G network and onto the 2G network, " he explains.

 Thus, there are marginal areas in the mobile network, in which decreases the quality of the network. If other mobile phones already on 2G (EDGE) change, so only transmitted at a reduced speed, the Nokia N9 still had full 3G reception. Even in a forest as a speed of 6 Mbit /s was possible.

 This power is not found, according to "3" in any other phone or smartphone. This means that the Nokia N9  has significantly better reception, which in turn has a better voice quality and faster Internet connection to follow.

However, this comes at Nokia does not surprise or astonishment. Markku Suomi, Product Manager responsible for the Nokia N9 says that both the housing of polycarbonate, as well as the absence of a metal frame, preventing interference and thus contributes to good reception.

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