Monday, February 8, 2010

VLC media player pre-release !

Posted on 5:48 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

This is pre-release of VLC Media Player for Fremantle, there are known major bugs left. If in doubt, you should wait for a more official release.

User-visible issues

- Qt4 UI slow : When Qt4 is enabled, the video horrendously slow.
- No easy installation .deb files must be installed manually.
- No support on : The N900 user agent string must be matched, and a page written.
- Video artificats in windowed mode : There are green lines on the video in windowed mode (full-screen mode works fine).
- Pause drains battery
- Well-known VLC design issue. Use stop instead of pause.

Developer issues

- Incomplete Debian packaging
- Clean target does not work (due to contribs). Building requires network access (due to contribs too).
- No X deinterlacing optimizations
- Chroma not optimized for encodingFront VGA camera V4L2 support broken
- OMAP frame buffer output crashes
- For unknown reasons, the VLC omapfb triggers a segmentation fault. Use XVideo instead.
- FFMPEG MPEG2 Video slow
- libavcodec behaves slower than libmpeg2 even though libmpeg2 has poor ARM/NEON optimizations.

You can contact vlc-devel mailing list.

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