Sunday, June 27, 2010

[How To] Improve Your MicroB Browser !

Posted on 1:21 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

You won't require some additional softwares because we'll using firefox configs.

First go to the address bar in the browser window and type

Click on "ill be careful"

Network pipelining

This is a feature thats speeds up my browser on desktop.

Click on the textbox next to filter and type NpipN and press enter.

You should see the filtered options

To change any value, click on the value and press enter. If its a boolean value(true or false), it will change states between true and false. If the value is a text field, a new popup shows up asking you for a new value.

Change the values according to my screenshot below. The ones in bold are the values edited. As for the max requests, experiment from 4 to 30 and see which works. after your done, restart MicroB.

Address bar Google search.

By default, when you type anything in the address bar and press enter, it searches in google mobile which can be annoying. If u want it to search in google desktop, go back to about:config,

in the filter type, "keyword".

click on "keyword.url" and press enter. change the tect to
If u want it to use "im feeling lucky" ie, when you search for anything it will dip theirs website from search results automatically,

change the same keyword.url to

Tracemonkey is the fastest javascript engine from mozilla. Usually its found in the sesktop versions and speeds up browsing. Remember that tracemonkey is not the fastest javascript engine as google has a faster one in chrome. no idea if it will have any improvements in your browsing or not but its sure worth a try. To enable tracemonkey, in the filter type "jit".

Find "" and "javascript.options.jit.content". Click on it and press enter. It should change its value to true.

For other hints, take a look over here and here !

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