Sunday, March 28, 2010

Enna is out : a new Media Player for N900 !

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Enna is a Media Center application. Featuring a simple user interface, Enna is based on the powerful Enlightenment Foundations Libraries (EFL) as for its graphical user interface and GeeXboX libraries as for multimedia playback and information retrieval.

Enna's features:

- Browse and listen to your music files,
- Browse and watch at your videos files,
- Browse and play slideshow with your photos,
- Retrieve informations about your media files on the Internet,
- Build a database of your medias and retrieve information from your music, video ... (such as covers, fan arts, songs lyrics and many much more).

Enna is available for your favorite mobile phone. It comes optimized and pre-configured for your mobile to find all your possible multimedia contents. In order to install it, go to Package Manager and add a new repository:

Name: GeeXboX
Distribution: fremantle
Component: main

Proceed with packages database update and then:

- Hit the Download icon.
- Choose Multimedia application.
- Select Enna Media Center.

If you've some packages conflicts, try installing Enna manually trough the App Manager :
apt-get install enna

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