Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[MeeGo Harmattan] PR 1.2 Harmattan Update Changelog (Available) For Nokia N950

Posted on 9:27 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Hey Hey what we've got here? a changelog for the PR1.2 but regarding the N950 !

- New languages (Persian, Hebrew, Kazakh, Thai, Vietnamese)
- Software update notifications for content in Nokia Store
- Face recognition for gallery and face tags for Facebook

- Support for folders in the application view

- Mail for Exchange global address book lookup
- Mail thread support in the Email client
- Extended copy-paste support
- Dropbox In accounts Menu

- Media sharing with DLNA compatible devices

- Improved browser history view
- Compass support in Maps
- QtWebKit update to version 2.2
- New font taken into use
- Front camera support
- Video editing support in the Gallery application

- MeeGotouch Framework
- Visual hint for differentiating swipe close gesture from normal swipes
- Timestamps shown in notifications
- Notifications sorted by timestamps

- Improvements in Event Feed area

- Music controls in Lock screen
- New feedbacks added to MeeGoTouch theme.
- Kernel updated to be in sync with the upstream kernel version


- Android NDEF Push Protocol disabled
- NFC polling enabled in lock screen
- Separate switch for controlling mobile background connections while roaming


- Self Timer support
- Composition grid + on/off control


- Better handling of To-Do lists, recurring events and timezones
- Private flag support for events
- Support for read-only events
- Ability to forward/reply/reply-all for received events


- Clock alarm becomes silent by flipping the device face down instead of snoozing
- Updated time picker


- People view added to the grid toolbar
- Improved multiple selection indication in grid view

Music Player

- Audiobook and podcast support
- Ability to create playlists
- Ability to delete music files from music player library views via object menu
- Possibility to see songs that are on the current play queue

Thanks lovemynokia for screenshots ;)

3 Response to "[MeeGo Harmattan] PR 1.2 Harmattan Update Changelog (Available) For Nokia N950"

Watchmaker Says....

I'd love to see a screenshot of the threaded view in the mail app ;)

Anonymous Says....

Is there any improvement in the camera performance apart from the UI?

Anonymous Says....

A lot of people are having troubles with facebook and twitter feedback. In my case, the facebook app won't show me anything but the logo :/

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