Friday, April 30, 2010

Firefox 1.1 beta for Nokia N900 goes live !

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As already highlighted, Firefox 1.1 beta is built on the same browser engine as Firefox 3.6 for desktop computers with extensive under the hood work to optimize for mobile. For the 1.1 release, they have tried to improve the browsing experience. As a result, polishing the user interface and improving UI responsiveness and performance is at the heart of this beta release. Secure, powerful and customizable, Firefox 1.1 beta for the Nokia N900 is packed with your favorite features and great improvements. Highlights include:

- Use volume rocker to zoom in and out on the Nokia N900
- Download, First Run and Start page redesign to help you find and use your favorite Firefox features
- Add-ons now auto update and view full add-on gallery from the Add-ons Manager
- Portrait mode support on the Nokia N900
- Form assistant improvements, including autocomplete
- Context Menu with Open in New Tab and Save Image
- Manage site preferences (clearing passwords and others)
- Site Menu improvements and additions including Save to PDF, Forget Password and Add Search Engine
- Web content theme update

Download Firefox 1.1 beta for the Nokia N900 by visiting

Known Issues
Important: for Ovi Store customers

If you installed Firefox 1.0 from the Ovi Store, you will not be able to upgrade to Firefox 1.1 Beta 1 (either from the N900 Application Manager or by downloading the software from Mozilla). We are working to solve this for future releases so that anyone can participate in our Beta programs. Don't worry, though, if you got Firefox 1.0 from either the Ovi store or directly from Mozilla, you will be updated to Firefox 1.1 (final) when it is released.

Stretched images can show black lines and dots near to bottom and side of content bug 468496
Youtube Enabler is not compatible with Firefox 1.1 beta 1 bug 559908
Vertical white line on tab thumbnails when on About:home bug 556046
Text is hard to read due to light gray background color on buttons with new web content theme bug 556650
Scrolling to bottom of a long Web page cannot be reached using the keyboard bug 547307
Switching from portrait to landscape mode while page is zoomed always displays tab sidebar bug 559868

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