Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Classic Print : Retro style photo editor !

Posted on 11:43 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Classic Print is a photo editing application that allows you to give your photos a 'retro' look. It provides a number of settings that can be adjusted to produce the desired output.

Classic Print allows you to load any photo and tweak the following effects:

* Vignette effect with adjustable radius, darkness and edge defocus
* Dodge to highlight centre of image
* Colour temperature; green or red tint
* Add noise to photo
* Colour level adjustments (select from a number of presets and adjust amount of adjustment)
* Contrast
* Light leak simulation
* Adjustable photo frame border

The settings are grouped into "Lens", "Film" and "Processing" to simulate the photographic process of a cheap classic camera. You can save your favourite settings for each of these groups and give them a name or you can tweak them individually to see the effect.

When you're happy with the settings you can save the photo with effects applied at any resolution up to the size of the original photo.

When the application is started, tap where indicated to choose a photo to edit.

The three buttons at the top left allow you to adjust settings for "Lens", "Film" and "Processing" respectively. Clicking on any of these displays a popup allowing the settings to be altered.

Each of the settings popups allow you to tweak the individual parameters or to select a previously saved set of parameters. When you tweak any settings, the current set is marked as "Custom". These can be saved as a new preset by pressing the save button (looks like a diskette).

The save button on the bottom left of the main screen allows you to save your modified photo. When selected you are prompted for the resolution to save the photo as. The "Photo Resolution" button resets the size to the size of the source photo. When you select "Done" you are given the opportunity to select the filename to save as. Your original photo is not overwritten or modified unless you choose to save over the original.

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