Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[REVIEW] Nokia BH-905i : The Changes And Unboxing !

Posted on 8:05 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

After (pr)reviewing the BH-905 it's time to look what change with the BH-905i !

- Dimensions : 190mm x 140mm x 35mm vs 180mm x155mm x 59mm (for the BH-905)
- Weight : 167g vs 175g
- 3.5mm iPhone compatible AV connector
- Adapter for VoIP Calls
- Wireless Audio Mode : Bass booster and Stereo Widening, and support of SBC codec !
- multi-microphone active noise control eliminating 99% of ambient noise
- A redesigned headband, more conventional, with the BH-905, the sides are slightly curved and give an impression of "big head"

The rest, is exactly the same as the BH-905 so i won't repeat the design and package content, but it's interesting to not that the Carrying Case was a little "tweaked" and we don't have all connectors planted in the case as with the BH-905, now we have a dedicated small case for all connectors (and Charger too)...




The dedicated small connectors case

Great comfort with adjustable headband and soft supra-aural ear pads


A redesigned and more conventional headband, no more "big head" look ;)

Anyway, this was a brief look of the BH-905i, and the part two will list in details, my impressions about all great features included, including the wireless mode, watch this space and you can follow me on twitter for small updates as usual ;)

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