Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dropn900 : DropBox client !

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Dropn900 is a Python based DropBox (Online backup, file sync, share files online) client for the Nokia N900 mobile device !

Present features:
- Login with your DropBox email and password, one time authentication. An oauth access token is used on later sessions. You can remove auth when you like and re-login with same or another DropBox account.
- Full DropBox access. Read/write to everything in your dropbox account.
- Create new folder, rename file/folder, upload file, download file, remove file/folder.
- Image file thumbnail preview, loading animations and showing results for actions.
- Threaded networking (non-bloking) so you'll have a smooth user experience while network I/O is happening.

Future plans:
- Hold on items to get context menu, could possibly get rid of the big buttons.
- Public links. This will come when DropBox adds this to their API. Presently there is no clean way getting
- public links via the API.
- Better handling of network failures ie. you drop from network while browsing DropBox content.
- Making UI look nicer.

- You'll need to have extras-devel enabled in your device repos. App Manager Just search 'dropn900' category is 'network', its the only thing you need to install. This package depends on many other that are listed below but they come automatically with this main package. Terminal sudo gainroot; apt-get update; apt-get install dropn900;

Usage Tips:
- There are not sufficient network connection checks in place yet. Be sure to have a ready internet connection when you start the app to make things easier before I can fix this.
- When you auth the first time, give it some time after you have clicked the authenticate button. With 3G getting the initial folder listing from root takes ~10 secs, be patient. Same applies when you start the app on next sessions.
- App main menu you can toggle the console visibility. If something is going sideways you should see whats going on from the console log. This will give me better understanding also when I'm fixing issues. If the log wont give any pointers then start the app from terminal cd /opt/dropn900/; ./; and see if you get error trace backs. These will also be helpful for me when solving issues.
- App main menu also has reset auth button that will remove the current auth and logout. You can then re-login with same or another DropBox account.
- When downloading items the app will default to /home/user/DropN900 to store files. You can always change this on the upcoming file dialog. Uploading files takes you by default to /home/user.

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