Wednesday, July 21, 2010

N9Profile : The Ultimate Profiles Manager !

Posted on 8:58 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

N9Profile can create profiles for N900, fast change profiles ,set profiles based on event in calendars, location id from mobile network, profile based on WiFi network name, timed profile ( examample: silent profile for 4 hours) and profiles for incoming calls ( N900 will ring or not based on profile for mobile number) It is using "default" profile in N900 for change profiles settings.

Type of profile :

- Deafult profile.
- Profile based on the incoming call numbers
- Timed profile
- Profile based on a WiFi network SSID or location ID
- Profiles based on events in the calendar

More Info:

- Still Beta but works fine on my N900.
- You can change more settings in profiles. Like if profile will be silent or ringing and alarm for clock and calendar - on/off
- You can minimize by pressing the close button. App can by closed in menu. To show app again click on icon.
- For profiles based on calendar you have to select calendars and for profiles create words and set priority.
- App will try to find this words in name of event in calendar and set profile when this event occurs.
- For location profile (wifi and location id) app will set profile when you have rule for location id or SSID wifi network.
- Default profile, profiled based on calendar, position (wifi and location id), timed profile and profile for phone numbers have priority.
- Default 1, calendar 2, position 3 (wifi have more priority here) timed profile 4 and phone 5., app will choose profile with more priority = only one can be set in phone
- Please write feedback, thanks.

More info over here and here !

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