Thursday, July 8, 2010

Queen BeeCon Widget - On Desktop Dialer Widget !

Posted on 9:57 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Queen BeeCon Widget is a highly customizable and flexible widget-based multi-instance monitoring, alerting and interactive tool for Maemo 5 Fremantle and the N900, like the Desktop Command Execution Widget !

The Widget is based on the execution of external Shell/OS Commands which can be either as simple as one-liner statements or as complex as articulated shell scripts, which, for example, fetch, parse and aggregate contents retrieved from the system, other applications or the Internet.

Anyway now you can Customize Queen BeeCon Widget (>=v0.1.9.6) to display: On Desktop Dialer Widget, ie.
The Beecons will let you dial phone numbers straight from you desktop !

So jump over the official thread and follow instructions and enjoy the great work by the great maemo community !

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