Friday, January 13, 2012

[Head To Head] N9 vs Lumia 800 Pictures Shots (Blind Test) !

Posted on 9:46 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Hello folks, i'm back with an interesting head to head pictures shots, this time with the awesome N9 vs his fake cousin the amazing Lumia 800, but interesting because mainly my (first) conclusions don't fit with what i've read on the net about how "bad" lumia 800 camera is in comparison with the N9 one!

So, can we do a little blind test, i'll be publishing results by Sunday ! Please don't look at details on the original pictures on flickr, let's play the game ! Ready? The principle is simple, drop on the comment section with group of pictures you find "better" There are two groups/sections taken with the two devices : A and B (each device is assigned to a section of pictures)

So let's start : Section A (taken by a device) followed by Section B (taken with the other device)

Update :

Well well well, results are as following: pictures on section A are taken with the Nokia N9 and the section B were taken with the Lumia 800, what do you think? Personally I see that the Lumia did well and better overall in those conditions, I really want to say that the N9 is more natural but it's not, there's a blue hue that makes pictures looks unnatural (it reminds me of the N95 on its first days...)

Also, you should not that the N9 has a better focus overall anyway :)

But don't be fooled, there'll be another test where the N9 will take the revenge :);) keep your eyes open !

Those two pictures aren't part of the section game, but you can comment on each one !

So which section of pictures do you prefer? A or B?

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