Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Community SSU features to look forward to !

Posted on 11:30 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Here we go with some patches that try to improve the user experience and look and feel of the Maemo 5 UI that will be merged into the Community SSU :

Blurless desaturation: With this feature enabled, the background of dialogs, menus, the launcher and the switcher won't get all blurry - instead, they keep their sharpness, but are darkened and desaturated.

Bigger task switcher: You can choose between the Maemo 5 default layout, the single-column "big" task switcher and the two-column task switcher.

Rotation around the Z axis: This one makes the screen rotation look much more natural, just like on the MeeGo Handset UX. Instead of rotating around the X and Y axis, this makes the transitions from/to portrait mode rotate around the Z axis.

Forced auto-rotation for all apps: By default, hildon-desktop obeys the preferences of application windows and whether or not they support portrait mode. With this option enabled, hildon-desktop ignores those preferences and instead assumes every application can be auto-rotated. There's no support for the home screen, launcher or switcher, as these things are more complicated to support in portrait mode.

Ps : all those features are disabled by default, and need to be enabled explicitly in transitions.ini. For some of these options, a restart (of the device or hildon-desktop) is required

You can follow the changelog of CSSU over here ;)

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