Monday, October 25, 2010

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 (20.2010.36-2) Update Available !

Posted on 6:09 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Oh yeah, the PR 1.3 Update is now live and available ! And guess what ! The update adds support for PC Ovi Suite to access and sync files and messages between your Nokia N900 and desktop ! Finally !


The Update is available OTA and take about 84,4Mb the changelog is very huge (you can see it in "details" panel before you update if you want), and as mentioned earlier, the update contains many tweaks and improvements to the N900 user experience and aligns the Qt application and UI framework with the planned version for the MeeGo 1.1 platfrom (Qt 4.7). Qt Mobility 1.0.2 APIs for mobile development are also included (according to maemoteam)

What are you waiting for? Go and give your N900 a fresh start ! I'm updating mine right now ;)

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