Saturday, January 8, 2011

MaeModder : all the best mods for N900 !

Posted on 10:26 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

MaeModder : an application, written all in shell and with a simple python GUI that allow you to do the most important mods for Maemo:

- Swappiness set to 30

- Custom Icons

- Custom transitions made from the black plastic ones, but with some changes

- Power button menu mod (reboot and icons)

- Customized modest (

- Customized photo settings (etc/gdigicam)

- Customized hildon-desktop, Matan one (up to 9 desktop and a lot of keyboard shortcuts)

- Customized leds (Blue=calls White=SMS Yellow=IM GreenWater=eMails)

- MLV profile added to the default titan's ones ...this is half way between lv and ulv .. and is for the n900 that have problems with the too hight undervolt of the ULV profile.. :

- Wifi-Switcher popup mod: the popup of the program doesn't need the tap to disappear anymore.
After less seconds it disappears automatically.

- Wi-fi modules autoloading (called autostart in the script): this mod disables the autoloading of the wi-fi modules on maemo sturtup, just like Wi-fi switcher does.
WARNING: don't install this mod if you don't have Wifi-Switcher installed or you won't be able to connect to the network anymore.

- Update Notifications Off : this mod disables the update notifications... very useful if you use only FasterApplicationManager.

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Annwaar Says....

Please provide complete set of instructions regarding the installation of MaeModder so that those having least knowledge of programming in Linux should also take advantage of this software. thanks

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