Thursday, August 18, 2011

[MeeGo Harmattan] File Manager : A simple to use file manager !

Posted on 8:07 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Due to the lack of a built-in file manager on Harmattan a native-look file manager has been developed. The goal was to make something that looked like it was shipped with the OS and replicated the ease of use of a desktop file manager (eg, no marking files, hitting copy and then having to trawl through a custom folder menu -- with this app you simply hit 'Copy', navigate to the destination and tap 'Copy Here').

File Manager aims to bring the ease of use and functionality that one usually expects from a PC file manager into a mobile app. It uses a simple copy/paste methodology for copying and moving files, gives you detail on the copy process and if there are copying errors it lets you know and asks you what you want done next. You can rename files and folders, and easily see the type of files using intelligent filetype recognition. It even gives you thumbnails of any images in your current folder.

File Manager will also soon allow you view archives as folders and to 'mount' popular cloud storage systems such as Google Docs, Dropbox and Sugarsync as folders, meaning you can copy and move files between just as if they were on your phone.

Key features are:

- Simple to use with a native look and feel (light and dark theme)
- 'Copy/paste' methodology for copying and moving files (no trawling through a separate folder menu)
- Flexible options on error or duplicate file
- Smart icons and image previews
- Share files using the system share menu

(Download it !)  

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