Thursday, September 29, 2011

[MeeGo Harmattan] VLC media player for Nokia N9 is here !

Posted on 9:57 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Here you can find a full and free version of the VLC media player for Nokia N9 (and Nokia N950).

Work in progress

VLC for N9 is a work-in-progress project.
There are some major known pending issues, in particular:
  • The user interface is currently optimized for desktop computers. It is extremely tedious to use with a small touchscreen.
  • Hardware-accelerated video decoding is not supported (however, color space conversion and scaling are hardware-accelerated). So there may be performance issues especially with high-res videos.
  • Screen blanking is not preempted. It is hoped that this will be resolved in the coming days.
If you want to help, please contact:


Which devices does this run on?
This should run on all Nokia N9 devices. However this was only tested on an unlocked device.
Nokia N950 devices are also supported.
How do I install this on my device?
Download here the libvlc5 and vlc-player packages to your device, and install them with this command:
dpkg -i libvlc5_*.deb vlc-player_*.deb
If you do not know how to proceed with that, you should probably not be using prereleases software, sorry. Help is needed to complete this project.
How do I start the software?
Once installed succesfully, there should be a VLC traffic cone icon in the application launcher. Alternatively, advanced users can also start VLC from the command line as on desktop computers.
Is this the real VLC media player?
Yes. This is the same VLC software as you would run on your computer. Almost all of the features found in the desktop VLC, particularly in the Linux desktop version of VLC, are included.
Which version VLC is this?
This is based on VLC version 1.2.0 pre-releases, pending the official release of VLC 1.2.0.
Where can I get the source code?
All of the code for VLC on Nokia N9 has been included in the official VLC media player project at VideoLAN already. Nevertheless, you can follow the source link to the left.
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dirtymoon Says....

this works for me and it's okay for non hd playback but stops all other apps from being installed or uninstalled until it's taken off again.Is it just me?

Anonymous Says....

the pakage site is giving eror any alternative????

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