Monday, November 28, 2011

[Leaks] N9 (N950) PR1.2 upcoming update Screenshots !

Posted on 4:32 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

As stated here, PR 1.2 is more about new features (more than fixes) and here we go with some leaks at what we should get ;)

Added a button to manage applications

The buttons have a new style

On display there is a new option settings Colour Profile

Settings Gallery has a new option for face recognition

 menu to display an image color change and has a new option "Insert face"

video recording interface has added an icon to turn on/off the LED flash

The camera interface now has separates flash options
Via : phonesfera

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Anonymous Says....

Oh it's great that the flash for the camera it's accesible without entering to menu, and face recognition, that's an interesting function! Hope this will be released soon

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