Monday, November 28, 2011

[MeeGo Harmattan] ThemeChanger !

Posted on 9:42 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

Theme changer allows you to change between installed themes on the Harmattan platform !

In first phase, this tool is meant for creative people who want to innovate new themes for MeeGo Harmattan devices, N9 and N950.

Tool can be used to test your new theme.

Later when custom themes are available, users can change themes using this tool.

Note that using this application is in your own responsibility, and you have to note that you need to reboot your device after changing theme, for the new theme to apply correctly.

Without a reboot, theme doesn't change, or it might change partly and you may see drawing errors.

Important note: ThemeChanger does not come with any custom themes, to be able to use the application, you have to have either custom themes installed from others, or you have to create your own theme first.

The application shows two themes by default: "Developer" and "Blanco". Blanco is your current theme, but don't select "Developer", cause it includes only red squares (missing icons).

If you don't have skills to create your own theme, you have to wait for other themes to became available from other developers first.

Download it !

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