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[MeeGo Harmattan] N9 QuickTweak : Different set of tweaks for your N9 !

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Like N9Tweak, this small application that work via terminal also and will give you some different tweaks to your N9 file system.

I tried this app a few times and it’s work perfectly and quickly, but still I'm not responsible for the damage if will cause to your phone :-)

Tweaks Menu:

A. Speed Up Transitions MODs (Refresh needed) – You have a three different options (this have automatic refresh):

1. Full Speed Up Transition MOD - include landscape mod for Home & Lockscreen.
2. Speed Up Transitions with ONLY landscape Homescreen.
3. Only Speed Up Transitions - without landscape mod for Home & Lockscreen.

B. Landscape MODs (Refresh needed) - You have a four different options (this have automatic refresh):

1. Full Landscape MOD (Home & Lockscreen)
2. Full Landscape MOD (Home & Lockscreen) from your orig. files.
3. Only Homescreen Landscape MOD.
4. Only Homescreen Landscape MOD from your orig. files.

C. Activate Fullscreen image for Lockscreen – it’s activate a big-fullscreen image for LockScreen Landscape MOD, but before you apply this, you need to do something.. (thanks to jflatt)

1. Create picture named “mywall”with an 854x854 px dimension and with .png extension (mywall.png).
2. Put this image from your PC to: /home/user/MyDocs/.wallpapers/
3. Go to Setting ->Wallpaper-> choice your wallpaper and press Done.
4. Open N9 QTweak app (password of devel-su, default: rootme), choice i [hit Enter] then choice c [hit Enter]. No need to reboot !!!

D. Install Hebrew Virtual Keyboard – Add Hebrew virtual keyboard (Thanks to mohammad7410).

G. Change GPS provider (Nokia/Google) - This will give you ability to change the GPS provider (Thanks to Almehdin’s script).

H. Enable ROOT-SSH Access (Reboot needed!) – activate SSH access for ROOT user. This have automatic reboot. (Thanks to F2thaK & Almehdin).

I. Add/Remove additional IM (Reboot needed!) - This will install 3 additional packages: im-providers-additional telepathy-haze libpurple0. And you can use additional IM's - ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/AOL/Jabber/VK… This have automatic reboot for both options: Add/Remove (Thanks to Niwakame and his packages).

J. Remove/Restore not necessary icons - You can Remove or Restore the not necessary icons from your homescreen. It's not uninstall, it's only remove icons like facebook, twiter, User guide... You can choose a few numbers separated by one space and press ENTER. (ex: 2 4 6 ... Enter)

L. Change Outgoing & Incoming Calls icons – This will change you Outgoing & Incoming Calls history icons. Reboot needed! (Thanks to superjunior)

M. Feed & Notification header/title colors - This will change your Feed & Notification header and title colors to Orange and Blue (Thanks to oSCho)

Y. Customize the statusbar clock – Change your statusbar clock (ex. 08:08 | Sun 13 Okt or 08:08 AM | Sun 13 Okt), it have automatic refresh.

K. Create Backup !!! – Creating Backup from your system files. This will create folder named “.N9QTweakBackup” in your: /home/user/MyDocs

U. Restore Transition – Restore all changed files of Speed Up Transition with your BackUp files. (Refresh needed).

R. Reboot – Reboot your phone.

Z. Full Restore – This will restore ALL your tweaks, can uninstall new IM’s and restart or refresh your phone. Uninstall have two options Yes & No and also you will notice twice about uninstall new IM’s, you can choose Yes or No inside the restore process.

O. Refresh – Refresh your Homescreen and Lockscreen without reboot. All your applications will be closed anyway, but it's still faster way than a full reboot. See here.

V. About & Credits - it is clear

Before installation, make sure you have "allow other sources" set in settings and developer-mode activated.

* Download and transfer the .deb file (thanks to Ammyt & hxka) to your phone.
* Install the .deb file by the usual way (double tap on file).
* Go to application Homescreen. You will see a new icon (Thanks to 3llipsis) at the end of the list and you can see the PDF instruction inside the: /home/user/MyDocs/Documents
* Tap on it and it will ask you for password of devel-su (default: rootme)
* Choose letter you want and press enter (you can write big or small character).

* Run “Create Backup !!!” on your first use of this script, mainly because of Speed Up Transition and Landscape MOD.
* You can choose more of one tweaks separated by one space and press ENTER. (ex: A B D E ... Enter)
* If you choose O or R, choose it at the end
* A and B have automatic refresh and H and I have automatic reboot and if you want to use more tweaks in the same session, just put this letters at the end. Don't use A , B , H and I together.. For example, you want to install A , C , F and D - just put the A at the end: C F D A [hit Enter]

* To uninstall my application, do this by usual way, go to: Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications. Choose N9-QTweak and uninstall it. Another way – long press on N9 QTweak icon on the app homescreen.

  • If you uninstall this app it will leave the Backup files in MyDocs (/home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup) and if for some reason you forgotten to restore your tweaks before uninstalling, you can do this manually or only one time by running the one simple command as ROOT: sh /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup/RESTORE . This command:

    1. restore your tweaks to default (except the new IM’s)
    2. Delete this folder (.N9QTweakBackup) from your phone
    3. Refresh your home and lockscreens
  • To update to new version, just install new .deb file.
Enjoy :D

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