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[MeeGo Harmattan] Things that drive me crazy on the N9 !

Posted on 2:38 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

Hi Guys, happy new year !

This post is simply about some features that if correctly implemented, it'll make the N9 more reliable and productive utility ! And Frankly, coming from an N8 and an N900, i'm badly missing some essential features that need to be reconsidered by Nokia folks and management team and some nasty bugs that make other alternatives more reliable for daily tasks, i mean why should have an N9 with those bugs if my N8 and N900 (and iPhone 4) just work as expected?!

I'll list the most critical ones that annoy me, you can check out bugzilla and fill your own bugs or feature requests ;) Some feature request were stated as "wontfix", you'll find reasons after bug description !

By priority !

* Call Bug : Blank Seconds (Bug 118)

* Make phone and sms applications on High priority processes (Bug : 533)

* No graphical equalizer or Bass boost setting on music player (Bug : 504)

* Nokia Suite support for N9 : (Bug 117)

Agreed. Nokia Link does not provide some features that Nokia Suite provided.
Unfortunately, Nokia Suite support is not planned for N9. However, your
feedback has been put forward to the management.

I would recommend you to directly use WLAN on your phone to download maps.
As for the sending/viewing text messages, phone is the way to go :)

* No support for zip/rar files (Bug 308)

* Emails bugs :

- Remove notification of new email when marked read on the server ( bug : 152 )
- Messageserver with high CPU utilization and mail is not sync'd ( bug : 198 )
- Email Client doesn't recognize phone numbers ( bug : 502 )
- Email file manager don't find a file i want to attach ( bug : 503 )
- Back to homescreen when Delete email from the lockscreen pop up (Bug 403)
- search on server support missing (Bug : 506)

* Flash support and web browser enhancements...

* Automatic Contact birthdays Sync on calendar (Bug 158)

Thanks for the report. It has been already fixed internally and will be available in future updates.

* Better use of the notification light (Bug 389) :

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately this is the behavior by design that LED notifications would be
redundant and just consume power. Of course it could be useful to have led
notifications if Low Power Mode(LPM) is disabled, but there are no plans to
change this intentional behavior. Most people will be happy with LPM. Thanks.

* Skype & video call (Bug 309) :

Thanks for your feedback. But unfortunately, there are no plans to support

* Smart dialing (Bug 505) :

Search application is actually pretty fast and list you all the possible
options. Also the contacts icon is just beside the dialler and does not any
additional traversal. Unfortunately there are no plans to change this behavior
by design. However thanks for your valuable input.

* No sharing option available in the Music Player (bug : 92) :

Thanks for your feedback. This behavior is intentional as we do not intend to
encourage the distribution of music files from our apps.

* Play Video, Music and Pictures to DLNA clients/TVs (Bug 405)

* Get rid of "SMS" option to landlines numbers (Bug 404)

* Tapping on a message in search results doesn't open the message itself  ( bug : 124 )

* Facebook/Twitter notifications (Bug 310)

Ps : Some of bugs listed above are already fixed or under consideration, let's hope the most critical ones will be a part of the next PR1.2 as really the experience was a lot iPhone-like dumbed (even more) and if i want a dumbed "smart"phone, thanks i have already an iPhone and with a lot of application and tweaks that keep me forgetting its limitations...

And you? Are you facing some nasty bugs that annoy your user experience? Or Having some feature requests? Vote for the existing ones or create your owns, share your experience :)

3 Response to "[MeeGo Harmattan] Things that drive me crazy on the N9 !"

@jhaggett Says....

There is no question the N9 is missing a lot that the more established OS's have, but, it's version 1.1 instead of version 5.x with say iOS, or, 4.x with say Android. You must understand that the N9 is not meant for mass use and will not get the same attention as the mainstream OS's.

That said..

The things that bother me:

1) No way in Mail for Exchange to do a Global Address Book lookup. This is crippling for me and requires me to keep my iPhone 4 as my daily device as I use this often with work.

2) Low Storage notification triggers with 1GB remaining of media space. No way to silence this or adjust this threshold (that I can find).. Drives me crazy

3) Bug with the keyboard/autocorrect not correcting i to I, its to it's etc. iOS has nailed this (even if Autocorrect on the iPhone can be annoying sometimes).

4) Camera software needs updating to process images a bit better. The camera hardware is there, just needs better optimizing.

5) The native Twitter/Facebook apps are terrible as usual with Nokia. When will they figure out that these are the two most used apps on any phone next to email and should be made decent and not just bare minimum functionality. The FB app is terrible with no way to view groups etc. Twitter app needs simple functions like auto-complete name's etc. This is my BIGGEST gripe. iOS/Android does this flawlessly.

I realize the platform needs work and I'm afraid it won't get the attention required to make it a daily driver.. We will see though..

@jhaggett Says....

Oh, I forgot one more annoying thing..

The WLAN interface is TERRIBLE.. I can't even properly stream a 256kbps radio stream without constant stuttering.. Again, works great on my iPhone on the same WiFi network, but, the N9 just can't' seem to deal with this without constant buffering.

SlipKoRnSaad Says....

Thanks for your valuable input, don't hesitate to fill bugs about that on bugzilla ;)

I agree with you regarding facebook and twitter apps, i'm sure pr 1.2 will enhance them but it'll not be perfect.

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