Monday, March 5, 2012

[MeeGo - Harmattan] YouTube Video Feed : YouTube Feeds on event screen !

Posted on 4:01 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

YouTube Video Feed. YouTube Video Feed allows you to have your chosen video feed publish to the event feed. You can choose from
  • Latest subscription videos (requires sign in)
  • Search query
  • Standard categories

Currently, tapping on one of the feed entries will take you to the mobile web page, from where you can play the video as per the usual method. I may add an option to play the video directly in the stock player.

As soon as you installed this add-on you find a new entry in Settings/Notifications/Feeds/YouTube Video Feed.The first thing you should to do, is sign in to your account - if you have one. Use the option "YouTube account" to sign in and allow the application to use your account informations. Afterwards select "Feed Settings" to choose preferences. The choice is pretty big - there are different categories of videos like Cars & Vehicles, Comedy etc,videos by search or subscription videos (requires account)

Try it !

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Vegas Exclusive Says....

I loved you post because if I hadn't read 'Bolesno Grinje', I would have been misled. You are so right in all the points you raised. staggered was cruelty masqueraded as tradition.

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