Monday, March 8, 2010

Alarmed : Scheduling App (supports automatic GPRS data counter resetting)

Posted on 6:47 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

Alarmed is a small (???) App that acts as a GUI front-end to maemos alarmd scheduler back-end. It's written in python and uses the PySide bindings to Qt. (PySide is under heavy development at the moment and is both unstable and unreliable. A major new release is expected within weeks or months which will fix some of the knows issues with Alarmed.)

Alarmed enables you to do things like:

- Set a command to be executed at specific intervals (every minute, hourly, on specific weekdays, on last day of month etc...)
- Set recurring alarms
- Reset the GPRS data counter at a specific day every month or at the end of the month
- More stuff like this



WARNING: This is very much alpha: It crashes, has bugs, and it might do weird things (including - however unlikely - completely bricking your device). Do NOT use it if you expect it to work properly. Also read everything in this post before installing it! All of the known issues I can't do anything about except possibly workaround, as they're caused by bugs in PySide and pymaemo.

Planned future features:

- Support for intervals in seconds/minutes/hours etc.
- Better list of current items (waiting for new PySide release because of missing functions)
- Built-in functions for switching to the "General" or "Silent" profiles respectively
- Check if command is valid, possibly support for command line arguments
- Built-in function for sending SMS/Email

Known issues/bugs:

- Long startup time: Due to the current PySide implementation (boost). Will get much better once the new release is out (called Shiboken).
- Segfault (crash) after opening "New Event" or "Edit" three times or more: Bug in PySide, sorry
- Slightly weird banners: Bug in PR1.1 Qt, will be fixed in PR1.2 Qt.
- Adding a D-Bus call does not work: Bug in pymaemo, can't do anything about that.
- Command exec does not support command line arguments. Restriction in alarmd. You'll need to write a script and put it somewhere to execute a command with arguments.

More details over here !

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