Sunday, March 7, 2010

[How To] Remove the shadows of the icons on the desktop !

Posted on 1:51 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

It is possible to remove the "shadow" of desktop icons by simply exploring remotely your device with the help of WinSCP

2- Then in /Usr/share/themes/Name_Of_The_Actual_Theme/images folder, search for The following two files and rename them respectively by adding .old extension as following :

ApplicationShortcutApplet.png -> ApplicationShortcutApplet.png.old

ApplicationShortcutAppletPressed.png -> ApplicationShortcutAppletPressed.png.old

3 - You're done ! Restart !

4 - To make the whole thing reversed, simply rename the two files again by removing the .old extension ;)

Ps : Name_Of_The_Actual_Theme is the name of the theme you're using (alpha "Nokia Nseries" or beta ''Digital nature" or another theme)

Or, in a more geeky way, by removing the 2 following files:


To restore the original "shadows", I suggest you simply change the extension of these files to png.old is fairly simple, open a terminal and type the following commands :

$ Sudo gainroot
$ Cd/usr/share/themes/Name_Of_The_Actual_Theme/images/
$ Mv ApplicationShortcutAppletPressed.png ApplicationShortcutAppletPressed.png.old
$ Mv ApplicationShortcutApplet.png ApplicationShortcutApplet.png.old

And then reboot the device ;)

Before :


After :


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