Thursday, March 18, 2010

Phototranslator : alpha !

Posted on 7:00 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

Do you remember phototranslator?

Well, it's available since testerday at Extras-devel !

As you probably have understood already, the PhotoTranslator is not a final version yet and it lacks features. It may, or it may not work as you expect, but as stated before, use it at your own risk. They also needed to remove bunch of languages from the application because they increased the package size to 95M.

PhotoTranslator supports only the following languages from tesseract i.e. the languages that it can read from the images (OCR) at the moment:


NOTE: This means that you can translate, but you can only use the OCR for the languages listed above. The workaround for this is that you can write the text manually and then translate it.

PhotoTranslator Beta Features

For beta version they are planning to implement the following set of features:

- Separate package for each supported language
- User can download different language packages via PhotoTranslator
- Disabled buttons for languages that are not installed
- Support for capturing images with PhotoTranslator

More details will follow later.

Enjoy !

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