Saturday, June 26, 2010

MyContacts - 75 contacts on your desktop, custom ring tones per group !

Posted on 11:00 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

A new release of MyContacts now it is available on extras-devel.

There are two major new features on this version and because of that I decided to start a new thread.

1) Desktop applet. This is actually my original goal - the MyContacts application is a sub product of it. After installing the applet on your desktop you can have up to 75 contacts using one of the 4 desktops. Now you can call someone by just double clicking on the thumbnail seating right on your desktop - up to 75 of them. You can also access the other contact information with a simple click.

2) Ring Tone by contacts group. It is probably one of the hottest requests on this web site. I actually didn't do anything too original, just implemented the 9000's script using Qt with some minor tweaks. Probably the main difference is that now you have a user interface to assign contacts to your groups and can pick them from your contacts.

Some important notes:

- The ring tone by contact group is very experimental.
- Only wav files can be used as ring tones (I will write instructions on how to convert mp3 files on the device later on)
- You should not change the "main/default" ring tone using the control panel settings for the active profile while the application is running (application or desktop applet). Nothing too bad will happen but the application will stop processing calls (more about this on the web site)
- When you click on the MyContacts icon it will start the "application". In order to install the applet to your desktop go to the menu. When you try to close the application you will also be offered another opportunity to install it.

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