Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sticky Notes : create sticky notes on your desktop !

Posted on 2:33 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

Sticky Notes is a little application that lets you create as many notes on as many desktops in as many colors as you want!

- It has a sexy UI
- It is easy to use
- It saves your notes automatically
- It is finger-friendly
- It is also optified


Q: Why is this stuff better than the existing notes widgets?
A: Because you may have as many notes as you want. There is no limitation about how many notes you can have. You can also set their colour to any colour you like.
Q: What do the buttons do?
A: The first (+) creates another note with same color. The second (•) lets you change the colour, and the third (×) deletes the note.
Easy, isn't it?
Q: Can I have [my favourite feature] implemented?
A: Sure! Just post your idea in a reply in this thread!
Q: Will it crash hildon-home?
A: No, it runs under its own separate process.
Q: How does it work?
A: It saves your text automatically, 3 seconds after you finished typing.
Q: Why does it always run in the background?
A: This is pretty much required for it to operate correctly, see detailed answer here.

Planned features

- Ability to resize the notes
- Ability to change font (size/color)
- Ability to move the widgets around (somehow) without entering edit mode.
- Basic text formatting (bold and such)

If you have some ideas, drop them here !

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