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[Did You Know?] N9 FAQ N°2 !

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After the N9 FAQ N°1, it's time for a second part to have a view of what we missed !

How Nokia N9 built-in Webkit2 Browser performs on Html5/Acid3 vs Opera & Fennec? (via nokiablog.ch)

- Built-in Webkit2 Browser



NFC in Nokia N9 Won’t Support Mobile Wallet or Payments

The N9 lacks support for either an embedded secure element or the Single Wire Protocol (SWP). According to NFC World, these elements are needed for use in secure NFC applications such as mobile wallet, ticketing and payments. Instead, Nokia is concentrating on the ‘connectivity’ aspect of NFC for file sharing, device pairing and tag reading. In fact the mobile wallet is 12 to 18 months away from being widely used. In the meantime, Nokia’s upcoming NFC applications seem cool and simple. For example, you’ll be able to stream music wirelessly by tapping your Nokia N9 on Nokia Play 360° speakers, or share photos, videos, contacts and more by tapping another NFC-enabled device.

The Nokia N9 comes with a selection of security features (Via conversations.nokia)

- Autolock feature, which is where you can have your Nokia N9 ask for a security code every time you awaken the phone from its sleep – or when trying to unlock the screen, anyway. If you want, you can have the phone ask for the security code every single time you do this, or after certain time intervals, such as: 5 minutes; 10 minutes; 30 minutes; or 60 minutes, if you so wish.

If somebody tries to unlock your phone and doesn’t know your security code, the phone will delete all your data that’s stored. This way you feel safe in knowing that should your phone be stolen, the thief will not be able to access email accounts, notes you may have saved or even have access to your online accounts like Facebook or Twitter. So your identity remains yours. You can change the Number of tries a person can have in the drop down list.

The best of the best : There is a Trusted person option in the settings too, so should you forget your security code you can have the code sent to that other person in the form of a text message, if the security code has been filled in incorrectly on the lock screen that the screen will be turned red and ask you to input the correct code or press the recover button. If you can’t remember the code at this point, press that button and your code will be sent to the trusted person !

Track & Protect (a preinstalled app) enables you to do some cool things. From the phone you’re able to activate or deactivate the app, or decided to have the SIM card swap option active, or not. This means that if your phone does go missing, should somebody try to remove your SIM card and insert theirs, the phone won’t work.

It’s from the Web service that you can do some cool tricks. Let’s say you’ve stored some important documents on your Nokia N9, the type that you wouldn’t want anybody looking at. You can wipe all the information from your phone remotely, by logging onto the Track&Trace website and pressing Wipe! and by pressing the Lock button you can do exactly that, lock the phone. But before you do either of these, you should press the Get location button. This will locate your phone and show you where it is using Ovi Maps !

The N9 is the first phone ever to feature something called non-destructive photo editing (Via conversations.nokia)

Which means that you can take a photo, crop it, resize it, change the contrast or any other function – all with the option of being to reverse these edits at any time.

More to come, stay tuned ;)

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