Sunday, December 11, 2011

[MeeGo Harmattan] [How to] Get MSN, ICQ, Jabber, AOL and Yahoo! In 1 or 4 steps in your N9 !

Posted on 11:15 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

Hey hey ! What about getting all IM's : MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, IRC, Gadu-Gadu, QQ, Jabber, AOL, QIP, Vkontakte, etc on our lovely N9 (like on the N900)?

Well it's here finally !

1) Download these three files straight on the device :




2 Open terminal, and gain root access using devel-su with rootme as password (unless changed).

3 Enter cd /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads

4 Then (in respective order) dpkg -i libpurple0_*.deb

(5) Then dpkg -i telepathy-haze_*.deb

(6) Then dpkg -i im-providers-additional-0.4.deb

Update :

2) You can use the Transfers view that pop-ups and single click (in respective order, otherwise installation will fail) to install (Yes, it works now) but if you're in ease with previous steps with xterm, just use it ;)

What then? Simply Restart the device you should have the various IM providers in the Accounts app.

Upgrading from a previous version :

- Download file number #3
- Use filemanager or transfer-view on your phone to find the .deb file
- click on the file, it will be upgraded automatically

If you wish to deinstall these later, simply go to  :

Programs -> Manage Programs -> im-providers-additional and select Deinstall.

You can follow this topic, this one and mainly this one for more informations and detailed guide ;)

2 Response to "[MeeGo Harmattan] [How to] Get MSN, ICQ, Jabber, AOL and Yahoo! In 1 or 4 steps in your N9 !"

Ash Says....

Hey there!
Managed to do this perfec first time, and it worked like a charm!

Recently, however, there's been some odd log-in issues. I can log in for around half a second, long enough to register on other MSN contacts, however I immediately lose connection to msn, and my N9 attempts to reconnect straight away.

Do you know of any sort of fix, or have you heard of this before? A quick hard restart did little to improve the situation, alas.

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