Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Did You Know?] N9 FAQ N°6 !

Posted on 2:49 PM by SlipKoRnSaad

To continue our N9 FAQ series here's some additional informations about the beast most from the great Michal ;)

- is now live for the N9 : 1,16 W/kg ! N900 was only 0,8 W/kg !

- MMS is fully implemented by default this time

- Upcoming calendar events don't show in notification area. They appear there only AFTER the reminder time, e.g. if you missed the alarm or snoozed it

- Harmattan devices support Excel spreadsheets out-of-the-box. If you beam an .xls file to the N9/N950 or open an attachment, it automatically opens in the spreadsheet app. (not edit them) Office 2010 files are supported

- Browser use the web apps like google docs, or windows live document apps

- Power Save mode activation threshold (percentage of battery power left) can be configured in Settings.

- Email client is now more "mobile like" than "desktop like". it's more like the one on Android or iPhone. Nice looking, optimized for one hand/finger control, etc. It does support HTML, attachments, folders, favourite folders can be shown in the main view for easy access, as well as several most recent emails.

- Emails are forwarded normally as they are, not as attachments to a new email.

More to come, stay tuned ! 

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